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Franklin Mortgage Solutions is a local mortgage broker in Dayton Ohio. We provide mortgage refinance options and the best mortgage rates on FHA home loans, VA home loans, Conventional home loans & USDA home loans.


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About Franklin Mortgage Solutions

Headquartered in Springboro, Ohio, Franklin Mortgage Solutions specializes in mortgage refinance and home loans throughout the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina, & Tennessee. Franklin Mortgage Solutions is a local mortgage broker offering a wide variety of home loan programs and virtually unlimited options available for VA Loans, FHA Loans, USDA Loans, Conventional Loans and Home Equity Loans.

License & Registration List

Franklin Mortgage Solutions, LLC NMLS #2649

  • Alabama Mortgage Brokers License
    License Number : 21134
  • Arkansas Mortgage Broker License
    License Number : 103570
  •  Florida Mortgage Leader License
    License Number : MLD1157
  • Kentucky Mortgage Broker License
    License Number : MC299634
  • Ohio Mortgage Broker Act Certification of Registration
    License Number : MB.802999.000
  • South Carolina-DCA Mortgage Broker License
    License Number : MB-08030000
  • Tennessee Mortgage License
    License Number : 109073

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